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  • Do you sell on online marketplaces?
    Yes, we have stores on Ebay, Amazon and Facebook.
  • How to be sure that the instruments you sell are professional quality?
    Master Simon is well known master in Armenia and abroad. Besides being professional musician hee has 18 years of experience in making musical instruments. You can see our feedbacks on Ebay and Amazon for last 10-15 years. We will periodically update new videos of our instruments on our youtube channel and you can listen to the sound and tuning of our instruments.
  • What are the most popular instruments that you sell?
    Our best selling Duduks are Clarinet Duduk Sax Duduk Golden Duduk
  • Do you have a master shop in Armenia?
    Many times tourists in Armenia asked us to vistit our master-shop to see production process of our instruments. Yes, we have a master-shop and we can organize individual tour for our tourist customers. Please contact us and let us know about details of your arrival date.
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